Saturday, April 22, 2017

Thursday Gaming: Danny's Revenge Against My Wife!

      For some, it seems fairly special to play and defeat my wife in games. I am not sure what it is that makes it a great day for some of our friends. It is not like there are a bunch of us guys who want to beat a girl up in a game. As an observation over the years, I have seen various reactions towards my wife, Kalissa and wargaming. Quite a few wargamers are encouraging, which is the way it is suppose to be. Some people play against her with starting confidence thinking: "Oh, she's just a girl!" This second attitude has two results. One, that amazing moment of seeing my wife destroy someone on the table with a crushing defeat to the point of (especially, with new people) we never see again. This seems to be the "Hurt Pride" result. For the guy, who said he was the greatest player in Italy for Flames of War, this is the category you were under. The other is the more common result of a well played game where both sides are satisfied.
    The point at hand is that my wife has fairly bold tactics, but logically can change multiple tactics in mid-game. There is also the fact that she does not care about miniatures' lives in games. Nothing on the table top is threatening to her. And it seems that when she is really into a game, she rolls dice better. I figure I would explain this, since there have been a lot of posting in this blog that show me winning games against my wife. However, wins don't always seem as grand to me against Kalissa. We have fun, but there seems to be tactical variables that dictate how I may have won in our games. One, Kalissa is slightly sick with allergies or is slightly tired. Two, she lost interest or is side-tracked. Three, she has not read the rules for a system in advance. All three of these result in bad dice rolling. So maybe, 10% of my games I win against my lovely wife are pure wins where she had a plan and was focused in the game. The same may translate with other people she has played. So when someone does beat her in a game she is having lots of fun in, it must seem that more special.
    So during a Thursday in April during Spring Break for elementary school teachers, our friend, Danny came over to play a few games. Mainly, Danny had a mission at hand: will a game of Wings of Glory WWII against my wife. The first time they played each other, he thought he had her in his sites with the German 109's. He had shot down one Spitefire and was working on the second. One of his plane ran off the table and the other died at a point blank shot with Kalissa's remaining Spitefire. This time was going to be different. And it was! Danny managed to shoot down both of her planes without losing any despite some of the crazy moves she was performing. Victory one!
   The second game was one of the WWII play testing games in 28 mm. We figured we would get another opinion from Danny. He managed to do really well with these new rules. Kalissa was teaching more than really playing hard, but both of them had fun! And after all, that is the whole point. Anyway, here were some of the shots I had of both games.

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