Tuesday, May 2, 2017

AAR: Wings of Glory WWII: British Aerial Survivor.

        As a game that has a bunch of postings, I finally broke down and made a board for Wings of Glory. There were a couple of reasons. One was that Danny and I both had issues with the paper maps sliding during game play. We even thought of buying one of those mouse pad based aerial maps. I believe Deep Cut Studios makes them. However, I thought to myself that this was silly. I love making terrain and it is a scale I had never done before. Besides, there is something nice about a 3D element to an aerial combat game. And the final reason is that I did not tell Danny about this, so I am sure I will get a phone call after he discovers this.
      Whatever the reason, Kalissa and I decided to play each other on this board in the kitchen. Even, our cat, Izzy seemed interested. I decided that Kalissa needed a challenge, so I came up with one. To get the flare of the Battle of Britain, Kalissa had to shoot down never ending waves of German planes to protect the Empire. She would have four fighters. I would start with just Stukas! If I got off the table, another round would follow with more planes and no damage. It seemed like a good scenario.
    The results were just as desperate as the early part of the German onslaught. The British took some heavy hits first thing. It was kind of surprising with the weak guns of the Stukas. One Spitefire was taken down almost instantly. A Hawker Hurricane spend a good amount of time on fire. One of her planes flew off the table. Though, the British lost all of their planes, they managed to take down a Me 109. We are going to try this scenario out again this week. Here was the show!

Our cat, Izzy heard "dogfight" and thought dogs would fight to the death. Instead, it is just her staff members dueling.

The Board!

Engaging the enemy!

He's on fire!

The first Spitefire down!

More Stukas!

Fighter support.

The Me 109 took a bad turn.

The German is fried!

Taking hits!

Maybe, this fighter will have better luck.

A Spitefire explodes in mid-air!

The last of the resistance explodes!

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