Saturday, May 13, 2017

AAR: Tank War: German Panzer Block Party

       Nothing says "Yes" to us like a simple tank battle. Even though, we like battles with infantry and support, tanks are always a fun way to kill each other on a Saturday afternoon. In this case, Danny and I decided to face off and defend the town against large force of British tanks. This seemed somewhat balanced with 18 British tanks versus the 10 German ones. Some people would call foul on the Tiger I tank and seven Panthers, plus two Panzer IV's. However, my wife, Kalissa is not afraid! She decided to make us work for our victory. The score was one British disabled tank left to our seven! Out of all of the hits, it is amazing that she did not kill more tanks than she did. I am amazed I killed as much, since I was not rolling that well. Anyway, below are photos of the destruction. Enjoy!

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