Saturday, May 13, 2017

AAR: Wings of Glory WWII: British Flying High!

      And it is another round of high flying action with Wings of Glory! Danny and I decided to re-fight the scenario I came up with which ended in a crush lost for the German Luftwaffe. A couple of things had helped out the British in this game. One was the fact that they absorbed a large amount of hits. As luck would have had it, Danny seemed to have drawn nearly all of the hits marked "0". This meant that his planes before they were shot down took an average of fifteen hit markers before I could kill a plane. The health of the planes were rated 17. I lost planes on an average of 6 hit markers with a health of 20. The second factor is that I brought out the "Trusty Handi-Dandy Heat-seeking, Aerodynamic, Super-Duper Label Maker of Doom!" Okay, it is just a label maker! However, it solved 50% of the maneuver errors that Danny and I would make it a turn, because we misidentified a
plane. So we numbered the bases to the cards. Such a simple solution to remove so much chaos. I was not have the same issue as much, it still would happen. This helped organize the British into a more lethal fighting force. It was like the British historically had radar! Oh, wait; they did!
 Though, I shot down three of the four planes, the damage was already done point wise. I lost seven planes in the game in comparison. Plus, the British got a bonus point for each turn they did not lose a plane! 8 to 4 were the end results. Here was the game shots!

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