Saturday, May 6, 2017

AAR: Wings of Glory WWII: British Aerial Survivor (Round Two)

     After playing out a British survivor mission with my wife, Kalissa, I figured I would play test it against my friend, Danny. After all, I made the board for our games. In one part, it was for evil reasons, and the other was for inspiration. I meant to surprise him with the board, but I was ratted out by my wife to prevent him from buying a mat. Why pay for a mat when you can make boards cheaper? Also, the evil side happens when you up the game of the game. How can we go back to paper mats after this?
    Either case, Danny did fairly well in the mission. He shot down quite a few planes and really felt the pressure of the Germans after waves of planes came on the table. The only thing that was against him was misjudging the edge of the board with maneuvers. He lost three of his British planes to leaving the table. Most notably was the Spitefire that left with no hits! The scenario ended in a tie, which was much better than my wife's game, which was a victory for the Germans. We plan on expanding the board and adding more planes. It will be awesome! Here were the shots of the game!

Wave One: One lone Stuka versus multiple British fighters. (Side note, the clouds can be moved on this board. Just tacks on straws. The board is made of cork.)

Wave One: The British are coming!

Wave One: Passing by!

Wave One: On Jerry's tail!

Wave One: Shot down in flames!

Wave Two: Another flaming Stuka!

Wave Two: Trying to flee.

Wave Two: Last second shoot down!

Wave Three: Stukas with a Fighter escort.

Wave Three: Maneuvering for a kill.

Wave Three: Blocked by a cloud.

Wave Three: Missed each other!

Wave Three: Attacking a blindside.

Wave Three: Another British plane joins the hunt!

Wave Three: Heading for the action.

Wave Three: The Me 109 gets a kill!

Wave Four: The other remaining British plane leaves the table with two German Stukas and two Fighters. 

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