Monday, November 28, 2016

Everyone Loves Trees, Especially in the Desert!

     It was not long ago when I made a desert mat for my 28 mm games. I had noticed that quite a few desert boards always had buildings and an oasis. I went out to prove you can do this with out those qualities. However, with my wife's Bolt Action Tournament coming up, I figure we could represent the desert this time. And because I am trying to display my stuff as well as bring about a great tournament, it only seems natural to pimp out as many boards as possible. In this case, there will be an oasis.
     The only problem was that I lacked some good trees. I have some palm trees for Pegasus Hobbies, but I really had to tone them down. Also, they seemed to remind me more of the palm tree that you saw in the little pet turtle bowls of yesteryear. This lead me to look online. Part of this inspiration was based on a post in a Facebook group page. Someone bought a bunch of trees for dirt cheap in China. I normally do not order things from China, but then, I found a bunch of promising looking trees. I had some money leftover in Pay Pal and decided to test out the Chinese affair of trees. Below is what I saw online.

     The white background seems to make them a little brighter. I figured I would have to tone them down some. There were a total of 12 trees in various sizes per order. I ordered three sets. Worse case scenario, I would not like them and sell them on eBay based at a higher cost. When I did get them after the long wait of a month, they looked pretty awesome. I was surprised. So I based them and toned down just the trunks. The smaller ones, I have not used yet, but they show promise for 15 mm terrain. Here were the other days efforts.

As you can see, they look pretty awesome.

The bases were just round craft wood pieces with stones, kitty litter, and sand painted over.

To give a more natural look, I have multiple trees to a base.

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