Wednesday, November 23, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action: Open Ground in Holland

The raging battle around the windmill.

    After making a new mat, I make it a point to play on it before it goes out to the owner. I had wanted to play a Civil War game on this, since it was based on a scenario for Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg. It just goes to show that a scenario layout can be useful for other themes and theaters of war. In our case, I made this into a Market Garden affair between U.S. Airborne with British armor support versus the Germans. This is pretty typical, since both my wife's late war WW2 and mine are based on Operation Market Garden.
   In this case, Kalissa and I were trying out the new scenarios in Bolt Action Version 2 book. The mission at hand was "Key Points". This was an interesting mission, because you have to place down different capture points before the table sides are picked. This had a big impact for this game. It really game down to a narrow win by assaults. It probably would have been even more bloody if we did not have such a large table. But it looks like it will be a good challenge for the tournament players at Siege of Augusta this year.

The battlefield.

The other side of the battlefield.

The 82nd Airborne advances!

The Germans set up a Pak40 AT gun in the wheat field.

A Marder III M tank destroyer rumbles down a road.

Yes, even the German naval was involved!

The Americans decide to take cover in the woods.


A Panther tank on the prowl!

The first captured point for the Germans.

An armor slap fight!

The AT crew has been drinking. If it wasn't for gravity they wouldn't hit the ground!

This Panther was not fairing any better.

The German 222 amored car gets it in the face!

The Americans take a house securing a key point.

Over the hill and through the woods.

These cows were very calm during the whole affair.

A mortar hits and kills three Germans.

German advance.

The slap fight finally ends.

A Panther round took out this Cromwell tank.

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A Cromwell tank burns from a Panzerfaust hit while an armored car and a Challenger Tank engage in the fight.

A Panther comes out to support the German infantry.

Another Panther tank arrives.

Move in for the kill.

Another Challenger tank comes into view to take out some Panthers.

The halftrack burns after an assault.

Trouble at a key point.

The Germans pull it off.

The Airborne rushes in!

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