Wednesday, November 2, 2016

AAR: Of Gods And Mortals: Another Desert Twist.

    It was a late Saturday night when we got a call from our friend, William. It just happened to be back in town and bored. These things happen. For the moment, Kalissa and I have slowly been introducing him to wargaming. I would have originally thought this was an easy push, since for quite a few months for Tuesday evenings, we would play D&D online. For all of those unfamiliar with Roll 20, it is a website you can play and meet up with other D&D players if everyone is long distance. We had fun with this when we lived in our last apartment, but then, the game master moved to China ending the game at hand.
     Now that we have a house with a game room, I have the tendency to leave different game boards up. The first time, I convinced William to play a wargame, we were playing Iron Cross. Though, he beat the snot out of me, this did not seem to satisfy him. And I know what it was without him telling me. He plays tons of Fantasy video games and board games. When he came over on Saturday, there was something different on the table. Kalissa and I left out our forces for Of Gods and Mortals. A-ah! A Fantasy wargame!
    Naturally, a whiskey and some interest, we ended up playing an Of Gods and Mortals game with my wife coaching him through the game and teaching the rules. She is a teacher anyway, so it was easier for her to do it. The results were a fun game that he enjoyed while beating the snot out of me again! But it is a good thing, because he mentioned how the rules were good as well as it was easy to get into. These are the statements that the wargaming industry wants to hear with all of there products. This just encourages me to finish up some of the other factions we have for the game for a rematch!

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