Sunday, November 27, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action: Kicking the Sand!

       It had been a minute or two, since my friend, Danny has played a game against me in Bolt Action. Most of this has to do life projects keeping the both of us busy. And it was probably a good thing, since I had been licking my wargaming wounds from the last engagement on his snow table. I believe I gave myself a paper cut looking through the rules!
       In this game, it was going to be a desert fight with the British taking on the Germans. I did not realize until we started playing, that Danny had never played a desert game in the six years of knowing him. So this was going to be an interesting game. I ended up running the British. Danny got the DAK, which sounds like catching a random disease!
      The mission we played was "Man Hunt", which was a newer Version 2 mission. The whole premise is to capture the defending player's command. One interesting aspect is that you can only win by assaulting the command team. This was going to be an up close a personal game. As the high roller, I chose to attack the Germans. I had gave my British lads the rule of "Up and At' them!" so I would not have to pass rolling for assaults. Also, there was to be a Preliminary Bombardment at the beginning. The plan simple advance, shoot, and assault as quick as possible.
     Danny's Germans seemed to have taken the short end of the stick. Since he was defending, he was hit with the bombardment. One man died out of a Medium Machine gun team. The first two units pulled were British ones, The MG was taken out by Universal Carriers. The rest of this game seem to go about in this pace. All British units would shoot, kill, and such before any German one per turn. This was a luck of the draw, but it really felt "You go, I go" system. Bolt Action does not play well in these standards. By turn four, the game was done. I killed four German infantry units with the loss of none of mine. It was pretty brutal, but it was the first game all year that I beat Danny in. He will rematch for sure!
After bombardment!

The British attack!

The German machine gun is taken out!

Mortar and machine guns on the high ground.

Germans are pinned down.

More Germans arrive.

The British swarm in.

A British squad takes fire after assaulting a German unit in the center.

More death for the British.

Another assault on the right upper corner sends the British up hill. The same unit turns an assaults the German command next turn.

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