Monday, November 28, 2016

The Romanians Are Coming!

         Since my wife is going to run her second Bolt Action Tournament at the Siege of Augusta 2017, I felt the need to run a new type of army. This is really in case I have to play as an alternate player based on odd number of players. The first tournament did not have as many players, but several people said they got burned by the games they play the same tournament before my wife's. The census was that there was a lack of terrain, so the infantry would get destroyed by armored vehicles and such. That was not the case for our tables. And quite a few people had wished they brought their armies. However, I tend to bring more than one army just in case.
       As for the Romanians, I felt the need to play a minor nation. There are a quite a few minor nations for WW2 that I rarely see people pick. Sure, the Flames of War games, I saw a lot more, but Bolt Action seems to be lacking the minor nations. I decided to go for Romanians, since I have already seen Hungarians. And really, it would be cool to play as Croatians or Greeks. Romanians just looked interesting, since it seems that history documentaries seems to ignore them. Even finding information about them is limited based on the Eastern Front's interest on the Germans. Besides, for the not-so educated Bolt Action Player I may face, they might react about who they are. Romanians?
        So on my quest, I found that Gothic Line Miniatures made some Romania figures. And so, I bought some. I decided to paint them up as a Thanksgiving project. The only thing I do not have are artillery for them, since no one is making them and I am missing a Panzer IV, which I ordered from Blitzkrieg Miniatures. I love Warlord stuff normally, but the whole turning over to plastic is rather annoying. I am a metal and resin snob, after all!
        As a review, the Gothic Line Miniatures are vary sturdy figures. I wouldn't throw them against a wall, even if they my survive. They come with separate heads for each one. You can also order the head type you are designing for. I will be honest that I am not really a fan of the separate head system, but this is mainly because I tend to glue myself more than the head to the figure. They also do not come with bases like other manufactures, but I started using washers a long time ago. The seem to be more stable that way. Over all, I like how they came out. They painted fairly well. Now, I just have to base them and do some touch ups. So behold! I give you Romanians!

1st Squad.

2nd Squad.

3rd Squad.

Medium Mortar. I need another guy for this.


Medium Machine.

Command and misc.

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