Thursday, November 3, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action: Winter Wonderland V2 Style

     It has finally came in the mail, our Second Addition Bolt Action Rule Book! When Kalissa placed an order for the book, we also got our friend, Danny his copy in the same order. I have been looking forward to getting it to see all of the changes to the game myself. After hearing three months of bickering about the rules, especially, the month before, I would rather read these things for myself. And as a review, I would say that most of the stuff in there is not the defying deal breaker the community has lead us to believe. However, there is only one issue I have, which is the "Turret Jam" rule. The fact that it is a 50% change on a D6 for it to happen is a little much. Maybe, if it was based on rolling a 1 or a 6 making it a 15% chance is more acceptable. Otherwise, most of the rules are pretty good.  Even the template part does not bother me, since I played Flames of War. Some complaints were about how templates can slow down the game. I will be sure to observe this first hand when I help Kalissa run her Bolt Action Tournament at Siege of Augusta 2017.
     Anyway, to both our delights, Danny and I met up at his our for another round of Bolt Action to try out these newer rules. Besides, I had to give him his copy anyway. We played on the same board as the last time. The difference was that we would not be able to see through the woods. I brought over a ton of trees to help out this affect. Every year, I Walmart, Kalissa and I raid the Christmas decorations for cheap trees. I don't normally use them for regular games on our tables as much. It is more terrain for the tournaments. You just don't worry about them as much as the good stuff.
    The key objective for both sides was to take the crossroads in the center of the board. The Germans were to force back the Americans defending while they wait for reserves. We like to play random made up scenarios for various rules sets. The Germans started with everything. It was going to be an up hill battle due to the infantry moving through deep snow. That meant there were no run orders. The Americans held the other edge and were the closest to the objective.  They held good ground in comparison.
   So how well did the Germans do? They were a little better than the last game. In short, they lost bad. However, with that being said, the difference based on the previously posted game (See: AAR: Shermans in a Winter Wonderland....), was that the game was not a total loss by Turn 2. We actually made it to Turn 7. The flanks just out did me with the lack of mobility. There were a lot of misses one both sides. And I did manage to kill five Sherman tanks and an infantry squad. I had left over infantry, but with no anti-tank options to deal with the rest of the tanks, especially, when I mind were killed. Either way, below are some photographs from the game. Enjoy!

The battlefield. 
American starting positions before an artillery bombardment.

Hidden in the woods.

Wall of Armor! 
The Germans attack!

Flank shot!

Woods firefight!
Shot the Tiger in the ass!

Parting shot at the end of the game.

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