Sunday, November 6, 2016

AAR: Normandy Firefight: Mountain Firefight without Normandy.

    Well, like most couples, it has been a while, since Kalissa and I have fought. Though, it might be thought that we have our personal disputes, we tend to get along quite well. If anything, our strife in our relationship is usually made up towards the public. This, also, goes the same with our gaming relationship. Trust me when I say, I would never wargame with my wife, if I took it personally! We like to put forward the front that we annoy each other and such. It is all part of the play of enjoying each other. Rest assure, we would mention moments that cross the line!
    But that is not the main point of this post! We decided to play against each other after many weeks of nothing against each other. This is not exactly the worst thing! It just adds to the relationship of killing each other! In this case, Normandy Firefight Rules rock!  There are a couple reasons. One, it is violent! Two, the amount of figures is minimal! Three, there are grenades! These rules are fairly simple and involve the least amount of characters.
   In today's list, these are the following characters!
    The Resistance Fighters:

  1. Stephen Ravinski armed with a TT-33 Pistol, 2 grenades, and a knife.
  2.  Maria Popovankia with a MP40  and a knife.
  3.  Demetri Monchev with a M189/30 Mosin-Nagant Rifle, a grenade, and a knife.
  4.  Viktoria Katalchic with a M189/30 Mosin-Nagant Rifle and a knife.
  5.  Yuri Jenchesky with a light DP Machine Gun and one grenade.

  The Germans:

  1.  Sgt. Manfred Weiss with a MP40 and one grenade.
  2.  Pvt. Detriech Hoffmann with a KAR98 Rifle and a knife.
  3.  Michael Dobberman with a KAR98 Rifle, one grenade, and a knife.
  4.  Hans Grosbeck with a KAR98 and a grenade.
  5.  Marc Hammerstein with a KAR98. 

   Now, for some of you who have read previous Normandy Firefight posts, Fredrick von Strudel is not in the list. I am even aware that he cannot be everywhere in wargaming theaters. Be that as it may, Kalissa and I still had a good game, despite lacking my German Chuck Norris!
   For us, this was just and meeting engagement. I took a sniper for my team expecting that a sniper had a bonus to their shots. That is not so in this rules. The Normandy Fight rules mention no bonuses for snipers in your list. This is despite the mission for hunting snipers. To me, this avoids a good challenge. However, this could also be a game that is made for easy modifications. I would hope not!
 After the brief pain of the Iron Cross rules with infantry, I would have hoped this game was exempt from these issues.
   As for the game, we played a very simple mission of just kill each other. At first, I was doing fairly bad. I lost two guys in the game. Kalissa lost one. In the end, such losses were trivial. Neither side truely lost the game! It was really down to the Resistance fighters surviving! They were all in a bad shape, but they lived another day!

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