Thursday, December 1, 2016

AAR: Sand Spurs: A German/ British Engagement in the Desert

          It was another round of Bolt Action in the desert. I have been occupied with various things as of late, so it was nice to have an evening game with my wife. Unlike last time, I got to play mine own force, the Germans. The mission at hand was a classic "Three Point Defense" game. I rolled the higher and chose to be the defender against the British forces. Of course, Kalissa rolls for the preliminary bombardment at the beginning of the game. The Germans seemed to skate by on this one with the exception of one guy taking a hit in one of the squads.
          In this game, Germans were spread thin. I caused the situation by leaving a squad and an Panzer III N for flanking. This kind of worked out later. Kalissa's British came on full force. Despite being a desert, there was a lot of terrain for cover. I expected to get run over in this game. I had guys getting hit left and right on one side. It was turn three when fortunes changed for the Germans. At this point, Kalissa started rolling bad, and I started rolling better. By the end of turn four, I managed to take out most of the infantry needed to capture points. I had three squads that could stop the remaining British. Either way, we both had fun being our second Bolt Action V2 game against each other.

One view the the battlefield.

Another view.

The German positions.

After the bombardment.

The one direct hit on the right.

This was to show how close I accidentally made craters to fit the new templates. I painted the template to make it look better.

Advancing British.

More British!

The Germans move for a better view.

The British are coming!

Universal Carrier.

Let's hide.

"Over the hill, chaps!"

A Valentine Tank fires a round at the German MG42 crew.

Advancing with Bren Carrier support.

The Germans and British have a brief firefight.

British being flanked.

More and more tank rounds.

Point blank shots!

These sorry sods got it with one mortar round.

Then a second one followed by a German assault. However, the Vickers Mg hits a few cresting the hill.

Ending on the hill.

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