Thursday, December 29, 2016

AAR: Iron Cross: Mobile BBQ Grilles.

      It is nice when my wife has a break from teaching for the holidays, since it has given us more time to play games and see friends (Not particularly in that order). But since we were expecting company later in the day, a quick game of Iron Cross was easy to pick up to take up and hour of waiting.
      At first, it was going to be my platoon of Panther tanks versus my wife's two British platoons. Then, I realized that this is an Iron Cross game where the violence is quick and painful. There tends to be a lot of amazing kills. So I added a Marder III and two Stug III G's to even the odds. This was a good decision, because we traded tank for tank every turn with the exception of the last. I only won based on my two tanks coming out on top after two turns. It also, helped that my command tank lived where hers did not! Below are the photo results of the game.

The battleground.

Another view.

And yet, another view.

A Marder III and a Stug III take positions in a hedgerow to fire at the unsuspecting British.

Incoming British armor in the German sites.

A Panther tank moves in.

One of the Panther buys the farm from a firefly shot.

The wall of British armor.

Seeking revenge, a Sherman VC Firefly is destroyed. 
The Command Panther moves in.

This Marder III is still trading shots!

The Command stays out of sight, since Panthers are not that save with front armor as other game systems.

The other Firefly is taken out! Things are looking up for the Germans.

Or not!

The British are taking out just as much armor as the Germans are.

Burning hedgerows.

More British tanks burn,

The Command tank is needed to take action, since Cromwell tanks are killing as well as the Sherman Fireflies.

This Cromwell tank drives up to threaten the surviving Stug III, since it has no targets left.
It does not make it, nor the last tank!

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