Saturday, December 10, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action: Sicilian Night Fight!

         Terrain? Check! Miniatures? Check! Dice? Check! And a blue light? Check! All of these things combined with a willing opponent equals a good old night fight. And since, my wife had a rough week, it seemed only natural to kill each other on the wargaming field. Because that is what marriage is all about!
    This was to be the second night fight that we have playing with Bolt Action. They have the rules for this in Warlord's Battleground Europe book. We just decided to take it a little further for the experience of the game. So like the first time, we ended up using a blue flood lamp bulb for the look of night while still being able to see. Though, I must confess that another blue lamp in addition would make it even easier to see. Other thoughts about lighting for games even includes dawn. I would have to have another lamp for that in a pink bulb or orange. I will get to that when I get to it.
    For this game, we decided to play in Sicily 1943. There were lots of hills an terrain, but why let that be a bother. Despite having to roll to see if you can shoot, a lot of that said terrain prevented a bunch of shots. This came down to one conclusion: Assaults. In this game, we had a total of 14 assaults in the dark. This may have been one of our more bloody affairs in miniature combat. Both the British and the Germans lost half of their force in the process to amount in the game ending in a "Draw". Kalissa's British seemed to have lost most all of her infantry. I lost all of my armor! Below are the photos of the game followed by the next morning aftermath pictures. Enjoy!

This was just a burning house for terrain purposes. Burning fires illuminated any unit within 6" rather than rolling for visual distance.

The board.

Another view.

Another view.

Panzer IV G's fire shots a heavy AEC armored car.

The two advancing Panzer IV G's.

A Panzer III N goes cross country.

Missed shots!

British infantry advancing in the dark.

A Bren Gun Carrier and a Valentine VIII tank drive up a road.

More British.

The Panzer III N takes a direct hit from a Valentine tank!

This German Panzer fires a round at the armored car, but it bounces off stunning the crew!

British lost a bunch of men to machine gun fire from the now burning Panzer III.

German infantry assaulted the Bren Carrier and retreated at the sight of a tank. Another explosion was a direct hit on a British infantry unit by a medium mortar shell. They took the hit after assaulting and killing the German 1st Lt. and men.

German Grenadiers flank in the dark and ambush a British infantry squad at point blank!

A flanking Valentine tank takes out a Panzer IV. The other one could not help due to a turret jamming!

Anti-tank fire everywhere!

German plow through more infantry after another assault!

A British artillery observer calls in a bombardment. No one is killed, but they are pinned down.

Now, the Valentine tank has a turrent jam!

German Grenadiers flank behind the British armored car to kill the Vickers Machine team. My wife forgot about my last unit in flanking.

More mortar rounds hit the same unit. BOOM!

Two different Grenadier squads try to tackle this lone Valentine tank, but fail.

The Germans assault a mortar spotter in the bushes with ease.

The armored car kills the last German tank, but is destroyed by assaulting Grenadiers in the rear!

A full German squad is killed off while assaulting a mortar team. We assumed they just threw a mortar round at them!

Still assaulting the tank, but one squad in killed from the machine guns.

The British here are pinned like crazy.

Germans leaving assault range of everyone unfriendly.
Next morning. 

A very violent game! But we had fun!

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