Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Romanians Are Coming (Part II) and Other Stuff.

     I have been keeping busy lately. I have had quite a few commission jobs to occupy my time, which is great. I do like do commission projects, but I also have some of my own stuff to do. Keeping this in mind, I started working on other projects in "baby steps" between commission projects. I have a few things that I would like to accomplish before January's Tournament at Siege of Augusta. This is mainly more terrain. I had recently posted palm trees. This was one of those on the fly projects that is going to showcase at this tournament. I have been working on a large amount of bushes and stonewalls for the arid regions of terrain we with have there. I have been covering Christmas trees from the local Walmart to summer trees. And I found a tons of plaster castings of boxes and above all, sheep! I had forgotten that I spent five dollars for this at Historicon. I must have been really that dazed at that convention.
    Also, on the list of things to do were to finish my Romanians to be presentable. I plan on playing them at this upcoming tournament provided that there is an opening or a odd man out. Otherwise, I will not be playing, unless it is demo related. I have posted them previously, but not they have been based. And further more, they have gained armored support thanks to Blitzkrieg Miniatures. I do love their stuff, because they only do resin, and they are the easiest cleanly made models I have dealt with. It is a total of four parts to put my Panzer IV G together. I think I spent a total of 30 seconds gluing it together. The only problem I have now is finding a replacement hatch. I was not originally going to have the commander out, but the hatch I had tried to glue got pushed in by yours truly. It might have made it 20 seconds, instead of finding an extra commander. Either way, here are more of the Romanians.

          I would like to share another thing on this post. Despite doing commission work for other people and getting paid, I have answered tons of questions about how I do these boards and such. Recently, a Facebook friend wanted to see what I thought of his work on a similar project to mind. I, personally think he knocked it out of the park for his first time run. Below was his project.

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