Friday, September 30, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action: A Race to the Center of Town.

     I usually make no secret that I will play at least one game on a mat I make for someone else. I like to think of it as testing the balance. Besides, when you put work into something for gaming, it is only natural to want to play on it. That brought my wife and I into a game of Bolt Action.
     This was typical slugfest between the Germans and the British. In this case, it was going to be British Airborne against German Fallschirmjaegers. I assure you all that I have other types of German units other than the Fallshirmjaeger. I just don't bring them out as often. But today, I did bring out my Krieg's Marines to see how well they can do, since they are rated as "Inexperenced." They have never seen combat, so I thought it would be nice to see them on the table. If I'd known that they would never come on the whole game, I might not have unpacked them. I am sure that is what I get for hiding my wife's Bren teams. I could not figure out where I placed them. I found out after the game that they were under the extra movement tray next to me the whole time. Oops!
    Kalissa sent her four squads of Airborne across the field, and some mechanized infantry into town. That was until I shot the snot out of one of the M5 halftracks with my 222 armored car. This also killed to men in the explosion. My Jagdpanther tried to hit a Sherman Firefly in the distance, but fail. The return shot kill the Jagdpanther on a bridge, blocking it. The one Stug III G I had could not hit well. The one kill was a regular Sherman, but was also diced by a Firefly!
    The main engagement in town was a one-sided affair. After my armored car was shot and killed by another armored car, the gig was up. I started a large amount of flanking towards the store. Other than some not-so-lethal firefights, it came down to assaults. The Germans did not win out on this. And like I said earlier, the Krieg's Marines failed to come on the table. At least the Fubars were them off table!
   I would like to say I photographed the whole game, but I ran out of battery juice. I only have up to turn 3. Either way, enjoy!

One side of the board.

Another side of the board.

A Jagdpather moves up with infantry support.

A Stug III G moves down a road.

A M5 Half track and a Daimler Armored Car race up the road to flank the town.

A German 222 Armored car makes into the town first firing!

Another group of armor for combat.

British Airborne race across a plowed field.

A Sherman Firefly provides a nice over watch.

This Sherman Firefly hides in a tree line.

The half track gets it!

Closing in.

Command wants all the buildings cleared.

A nice side shot to the Jagdpanther!

The half track plays chicken with the 222! 
Think about fording the stream?

Germans on the move.

More Germans!

More British armor!

The Firefly gets their prey!

The 222 buys the farm!

Foot bridge crossing.

German flanking.

The British are prepared!

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