Tuesday, September 27, 2016

AAR: Normandy Firefight: Grenade Fest!

Indoor explosion!
     My wife and I went out to the local Hobbytown, U.S.A. in Fayetteville, NC with our other friends of our group: Cape Fear Wargamers. We thought it would be a good idea to share different games we play to the public to answer questions and peak a few interests. This was thought of since we had been gaming most every Saturday at our house. This is fine, since that is why we have a game room. However, we met most of our gamer friends in gamer halls and hobby stores. The more people to game with the merrier!
     Anyway, my wife, Kalissa and I decided to play another round of Normandy Firefight. I think she wanted to see if she could get some revenge from the last desert disaster. So it was going to be British Airborne versus German Fallschirmjaeger. I seem to like these Germans, though I have a bunch of regulars and Waffen SS to use as well.  Either way, it was going to be a five on five action loaded with grenades.
     So up to the plate for the characters of the British:

  1.   Sgt. Miles Finkley with a Sten Gun and a grenade.
  2.   Pvt. John Coffee with a SMLE Rifle and two grenades.
  3.   Pvt. Stanley Morris with a Sten Gun.
  4.   Pvt. Bently Rogers with a SMLE Rifle.
  5.   Pvt. Peter Sonders with a SMLE Rifle and one grenade.
 For the Germans:

  1.   Sgt. Hans Hoffman with a MP40 and one grenade.
  2.   Pvt. Dierich Altemann with a KAR98 Rifle and one grenade.
  3.   Pvt. Ottis Weiss with a FG42.
  4.   Pvt. Michael Zimmerman with a KAR98 Rifle.
  5.   Pvt. Alexei Kowaski with a KAR98 Rifle.
    So the scene was set in Normandy on a 4' x 4' table. Rather than write down everything that happened for a long extensive read, we will just show it in pictures. However, some highlights were the six grenades used. Three British were killing and one German. Ottis Weiss was highly hated with the FG42. The Germans, in general, were shooting rather well, again!

The battlefield. British side.

The battlefield, German side.

German Pvt. Zimmerman firing long range at the British.

German Sgt. Hoffman hides with his MP40 at the edge of the wood.

British Pvt. Morris and Sonders run to take cover behind a wagon. 
British  Sgt. Finkley runs down the road to occupy the farm house.

Meanwhile, Pvt. Coffee takes the barn.

Pvt. Rogers tries to enter the farm house from the back door, but the Germans do not like this. German Pvt. Weiss hits him with a 40% chest wound on the first shot!

Pvt. Morris and Pvt. Sonders are being pinned down from German fire.

Pvt. Rogers is killed by a German head shot Pvt. Altermann!

British Pvt. Coffee decides not to venture out after Rogers was killed.

Sgt. Finkley clears the farmhouse and take position up stairs.

Pvt. Zimmerman gets pinned from return British fire!

Pvt. Morris and Pvt. Sonders take cover! Sonders takes 50% damage in the Left Leg from an MP40 hit for Hans Hoffman.

At this point, grenades where tossed on both sides. British Sgt. Finkley survives a German grenade that detonates in the Farmhouse's upstairs where he is. He did not get a scratch. British Pvt. Coffee tosses a grenade between the Germans to get as many as possible, but only inflicts 29% damage against Pvt. Weiss.

German Pvt. Kowaski has a plan to take out the Brit in the barn!

Smoke from the grenade explosion blinds Sgt. Finkley from any good shots.
Pvt. Zimmerman is still pinned while Sgt. Hoffman withdraws to reload his MP40 out of the sights of the British.

Pvt. Altamann sneaks up around the side of the farmhouse.

Pvt. Sonders is badly wounded and withdraws at 90% damage leaving Morris to fend off the Germans.

Pvt. Coffee moves up to the loft of the barn.

Dual grenades are thrown. Both men had the same idea. German Pvt. Kowaski tosses one on target to Pvt. Coffee. The Brit returned the favor with his own!

Pvt. Sonders, out of  guilt, returns with a grenade in hand, but is shot down by Pvt. Altamann with his trusty ol' KAR98! Sonders had already pulled the pin and let go of the grenade.

Sgt. Finkley tosses his grenade haphazardly out the window at the Germans.

Pvt. Zimmerman finally gets his courage back!

The last grenades go off! None of the Germans were affected by Finkley's grenade. However, Pvt. Morris is killed by a friendly grenade.

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