Monday, September 5, 2016

AAR: Iron Cross: Tank Battles and Pumpkin Spice Beer!

Practically, the first shot of the game and kill!

    A good friend off ours, William came down to visit us and his family for Labor Day Weekend. And in all honest truth, I think he needed a excuse to leave school, since he is studying for Chemical Engineering. So relaxation is key for the weekend. It was good that we are still thought of a relaxing people to hang out with. William was one of our friends from a group of D & D players my wife and I were apart of. We like miniatures, D & D, cheesy movies, and good books! The Dorkside has always been strong with us.
   However, despite some common interests, it was surprising to have played a wargame with him. Normally, he is not too into the wargaming hobbies. This could also had to due with drinking Samuel Adams 20 Pounds of Pumpkin beer. I know there are a lot of fans of Samuel Adams, but I still never tasted anything that said to me "pumpkin" in that beer! But with some beers and some boredom, we decided on a simple tank game of Iron Cross. I choose this for the two simple reasons: all of this stuff was already out, and you only really needed two dice to play. Fairly simple for us beer guzzling buffoons!
   You will simply see in the pictures below, that I was outclassed by the Germans who I decided not to play. It could have been the challenge! It could have been to go easy on my friend who never played these rules. But I would like to think it was because I needed to see the Shermans lose after loosing five games against those same models. Honestly, we just played to play!
    For a first time tank game, William did well. He killed everyone one, and lost no one. He had his complains about the game with rolling one die for various things. I can see that being frustrating. However, I told him the next time, we could play some games involving more dice throws. We both had fun, and vowed not to buy the Samuel Adams 20 Pounds of Pumpkin beer again!

First to attack, the Shermans took positions.

This middle Sherman could have been very helpful at knocking out the Tiger that could not take another pin from a hit, but it decided to bog down crossing a wall.

First death!

Reaction fire took out this Sherman!

They took hits, but bad rolling only gave out pins.

The rest die!

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