Saturday, September 10, 2016

AAR: Fire And Fury: A Test On Cavalry with Numbers.

     It was an interesting proposal to play a Fire and Fury Game against lots of cavalry. Out a few games I have played using this game system, I had a nice theory that I would be stream-rolled in this day's action. Was I aware of how the game would go? Yes, I knew that this was an uphill battle. Of course, the point of playing this game did not reflex against a friendly nature. It was not to say the game was friendly. This was really a test of how a large full cavalry unit would do against an infantry unit, since their was limited data in battles involving cavalry in the American Civil War. The only few rule systems mention engagements involving cavalry over Brandy Station. Grant it, it was the largest battle of the American Civil War involving cavalry; it does not represent the various raids in the rest of the war.
     Now, as a game system, I know quite a few people who are against these rules. Actually, I suspect this whole posting has a huge "hiss" going for it based one the title. Out of our gaming group normally, I can see some objections. I look at Fire and Fury as the Flames of War of Civil War. Does that make it a bad system? I don't believe it is so. It is simplistic for the games in represents, but that could be good for the beginning gamers and people like me who like simple games.
    The whole game started as a Confederate infantry force holding off a full group of Union Cavalry. In the honest pictures, it looks like a Confederate exercise of Confederate troops. This is true, since my friend, Danny, normally has Union players against him. He only had Confederates. I have no troops! So this was going to be a proxy game! Or a Confederate Field excise with feeling!
   I started the game in some dug in earthworks with all of my infantry regiments rated as "Exceptional" We rolled for this a couple of days before. I just was rolling really well. My batteries of guns, did not have quite as good of rating. They could have been better. Danny's were a mix of everything. I believe that there was one two "Exceptional" Cavalry units with "Green" and "Fresh" riding around.
   How the game went was without a hitch. Cavalry charged and took the ground that was needed. I did not roll very well in this game as I did two days earlier. I an blame it on lack of sleep, outnumbered, or various other things, but I was still satisfied. After several attacks, I happened to manage a few Cavalry units to disband. I made a fantastic speed bump against the odds. It was agreed that the next time we played, forces will be evened out and a mix of infantry and support units. I am sure it will be good!

Already lost a battery!

Starting positions.

An isolated unit covering the woods filled with dismounted cavalry.

The Confederate....cough, cough.. Union forces.
First charger to the bridge.
A major assault!

The first charge bounced back to the river bank!

The chaos continued. 

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