Friday, September 30, 2016

Teddy Bear Fur Tutorial: Another Link.

This was just a Normandy Chain of Command game. 

     I have been making quite a few mats, lately. Whether is has been just for fun or a commission work, I have found there was a lot of interest in what I do. At this point in time, I get an average 50 people looking at this blog under my Teddy Bear Fur Terrain. I think that is pretty nifty! But what makes this more nifty is that Warlord Games contacted me to write and article in the beginning of September. Of course, I would! After all, visual terrain is always great to play on, even if you do not play well on it. We tend to remember the cool looking battles better, anyway.
   So this last Wednesday, Sept. 28, Warlord posted the article I wrote titled "Covering Normandy with Teddy Bear Fur". Sure there are some changes, but that is to be expected in edited. I was asked to provide imagines, so my fellow wargaming friends and I decided to do a massive photo shoot of miniature awesomeness. This way, we could get different miniatures and paint styles represented. Though, I did feel bad about sending 96 photos for the affair. I took about 150 total for that morning. Some were just accidental duplicates or shots that could have been better. So we gave them quite a challenge for a layout, but they did an excellent job! Anyway, here is the link to that article:

More terrain.

Germans versus British fighting.

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