Tuesday, September 20, 2016

AAR: Iron Cross: The Painting Curse Continues!

A Panzer III pops a shot at a Sherman in the field.

       So I've been told over the last couple years of playing that if you paint your miniatures well, they will not perform well on their first time out. I am not sure where the lack of Mojo comes from out of freshly painted troops. It just seems like it could be some Urban Legend among wargamers. This is along those lines that if you threaten your bad rolling dice to the microwave, they will magically start to roll better. And there are some people I have heard that did this to their dice. If it did roll better, it makes me wonder if that changed the composition of the dice themselves? That is just a whole can of worms that can be debated.
      In the past, it has been true for my part of gaming that my new stuff seemed to die pretty quickly. My thoughts are that these are fresh troops, despite whatever rating they may have. But the part that gets me, is that this is not the case for my gamer in crime, my wife. I can paint a bunch of her stuff to kill me, and she, in fact, will be fair successful. This maybe ongoing karma working against me after trying to leave her awesome rolling purple dice in another state. That was still the worst 49 cents I have ever purchased!
       How did my new Panzer III's go today? They were perfection! Like the urban legend and fifteen statements from various people, my Panzers died gloriously for the Fatherland. They did not go down easily. I still managed to kill two Sherman tanks before they all bought the farm! And that is all I can ask; that they did do something against my opponent. I might of had an issue if they never hit anyone or kill. All in all, it is just a game, and between my opponent, Danny and I, it was a relaxing game of armored warfare!

The board.

Hiding behind a vineyard.

The Shermans have the high ground.

Coming out, guns blazing!

The Sherman tanks take out two Panzer III's. One on the left happened to be the commander.

Shermans move in.

This Sherman was not so lucky.

Another Panzer III is gone.

The knoll is a nice hull down position.

A bold advance into the open!

A Panzer III takes aim at the command Sherman!

A successful hit, knocks out the commander from the fight.

Reaction fire kills this Panzer!

Now, the Shermans are unopposed.

The last German shot!

End results.

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