Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Updating Flames of War.

The current board to upgrade my Flames of War terrain.

   It occurred to me a few months back during a game of Flames of War that I have not updated anything in 15 mm. After countless hours of making terrain for 28 mm, the Flames of War terrain that started my humble beginnings was kind of left in the dust. And this seems only natural to wargamers as we grow and gain new interests in other game types and systems. In our neck of the woods, the Flames of War scene has kind of vanished from site. Sure, there are those of us who play, but with the resent lack of venues to the various new games that have be come popular, it has not been on the scene as usual. Though, I will say after going to Historicon, I witness quite a few young people and just players I had never seen before. So the game system should be around for a long time.
   The simplest thing for me to do was to make a fixed teddy bear fur board. In a sense, this was kind of an excuse to try it out and see if my skills can be taken to a smaller scale. That was pretty much all I have done for an update, but it was a hell of an update! The hedgerows I use are really just painting sticks. I need to cut these down to smaller, more manageable sizes. This also would create some more flexible options. I, also, need to remake my forests. They are still the cardboard bases I make seven years ago. I am impressed that they have lasted so long. These are all plans in the making. I will just have to post about those changes later.
The older terrain.

Build-in roads really just look better to me.

The Hedgerows seem to blend in well, but I will update them as well.

15 mm Panthers look pretty happy in the field.

I feel that there can be other game uses in the near future.

I shaved down the fur to certain levels. The original would have been too tall, I think.

The Flames of War buildings work well with this board. And the great thing, it is cheaper than static grass!

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