Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nothing is more Anti-Wargaming Than A Natural Disaster!

The house on the far left, my wife and I looked at for a home a good couple of years ago. I did not want the house, because of the flooding potential. 

   It has been a recent event that we, my wife and I, has been hosting miniature wargaming at our house. This was one of the benefits of buying a home with a wargaming room! However, I had never expected our place to harbor various people. Out of planning, I annoyed my wife in various logical ways on not to buy certain houses. A lot of these were base on potential flood plains and utilities. There were a lot of other factors out there. Most of these were just simple common sense issues that the average person does not think of. Over the years, I had heard some many home ownership issues. Honestly, I had no interest in owning a home, because of these crazy issues I have heard of in the past.
    Out of luck, things have changed. Based off of much of the wisdom of ten years of horror stories, I have learn certain things to look for. And I knew what my wife wanted. She is the boss, after all! But only at the expense of safety. I wanted a yard I could easily modify,a flood-resistant yard, a game room, a quiet neighborhood, and a house with old school character. We seemed to have found the house that fits all of the above in qualifications. In most cases, this is shear luck!
   But it is out of luck that I can say that my wife and I safely survived our first Hurricane in our new house. We only had two leaks. One in the fireplace that would not hurt anything, and another in the kitchen. After stabbing the ceiling with a knife, we received only a cup of water after a nineteen hour rain event. This is relatively tame compared to countless other victims of Hurricane Matthew. We also, never lost power or water, despite major areas around us without both for up to four days after Hurricane Matthew left. Even, that was luck. I thought one of the two was going to happen.
      An any case, the fact remains that my wife and I have been very slack in wargaming. This is also the case of our other wargaming friends in our club that did not receive too much damage. I think the only real reason for our lack of wargaming, despite plenty of time has to do with our non-wargaming friends in need. Because, we still had power, we could boil water and provide charges to the somewhat necessary needs of modern technology, we had visitors at various times to help them out. It has been difficult to justify playing games with people in need.
   However, I do not wish the readers of this blog to be depressed or saddened by this post. The reason is simple: with every bad day, there are several with good. The saying has been true for quite a while. You just have to remember such things. We will rebuild and endure!

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  1. Hello David,
    I see by your blog article on surviving Hurricane Matthew that you must be in the Wilmington- Brunswick County area. I live part time in Sunset Beach. I alternate two months there and two months in Maryland. It would be nice to get to know other miniatures wargamers in the area. I only know two other gamers in the area: Mike Sincavage in Leeland and Les Fason close to Wilmington. Have you ever played Fire and Fury and Battlefront WWII. I wrote the rules and wouldn't mind hosting a game or attending one of your games sometime. You can reach me through the contact on my website at Hope to hear from you.
    Rich Hasenauer