Friday, August 5, 2016

ARR: First Bolt Action Game in Our New Place.

          After finally moving into our new house, we had already played some games almost some friends. But we had not really played any games against each other between husband and wife. Most people said how great it would be to have a game room, so you can play at anytime. I guess the idea was to be as often as possible. It has taken us two weeks before Kalissa and I could duke it out with opposing miniatures.
         We were going to try out some new game systems we got for WW2, but went simple to something we know: Bolt Action. That is until they change the rules for Version 2! Our game was going to be a Three Point Defense Mission. Kalissa decided to defend claiming that she never has won this mission. I am pretty sure it is the opposite of those results. However, she had a First Lt., four squads of American Airborne, six Sherman tanks, and a little Willy's Jeep for fun, since we got it for free at Historicon. I had a 1st. Lt., four squads of Fallschrimjager decked out in Panzerfausts, a Panzershrek team, and three Panther Tanks.
        In the beginning, the Germans got to bombard the whole area with artillery fire, It was all for show, since it barely pinned anyone. All of the points were nicely guarded around a castle of hedgerows, making it ideal for defense. I sent in my Germans with most all of my force with the exception of one Panther tank, the Panzershrek team, and one squad of infantry. Kalissa, in usual fashion, held her six Shermans off table. We like to play the flanks as random just to make it entertaining. I have heard too many stories from the local soldiers about getting lost in the woods during training exercises.
        The first of the flanking, some Sherman tanks came on. The first one drove up the road and shot a Panther in the face killing the crew. The second rounds  started dicing infantry as well as pinning down a Panther tank. That one was at least able to disable the Sherman tank in front of it before it died. The third on to enter the scene flanked a Sherman, and shot in the rear as in burned furiously. It, also, destroyed one in front of it.
       Now, as for infantry combat, my Germans need retraining on the operation of Panzerfausts. I armed up these guys with four each to a squad. However, after rolling lots of ones and twos, they were not as effective as I wanted. I managed to kill one Sherman and disable another. All at the cost of every single Panzerfaust! Sixteen Panzerfaust to two tanks. And the Panzershrek team did just as poor. Rolling ones at point blank range!
      There was a lot of action going on for small arms fire. I lost my command to one round of shooting in a wheatfield. One German squad tried to take the disabled tank, but failed in the assault. My one flanking squad, managed to receive ambush fire after coming on the the table, and survived long enough to assault the Americans in the next turn. They were overrun over one of the objectives. I held the one, until my wife sent the second squad of Airborne to take me out in an assault!
      In the end, the Germans needed more help to get the job done! I lost again! But it happens!

Middle Objective for the Americans.

The Table.

Artillery to soften up defenses.

Germans advance!

A Jeep runs into trouble.

The first Panther takes a AP round in the face.

The lucky shot Sherman!

When tanks get pinned!

The Germans just ignore the Jeep.  I know I have some American seated guys somewhere. I will modify it soon.

Sherman fire support.

Craters from the first Panzerfaust misses.

Another one bites the dust!

More missed shots with Panzerfausts at a Sherman tank.

Finally! A hit! But it only disabled the tank's movement.

Placing pressure towards on objective.

Crater from a HE round from the Sherman tank that is now on fire.

The third Panther arrives.

The Panther's first victim was a Sherman tanks rear.

The German command is lost and the German advance is stopped.

Another Sherman dies, and the Americans take back a point from the Germans in an assault.

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