Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Dynamic of Being Married to a Wargamer.

My lovely opponent and my wife during a Battle Group Normandy Game!
     Over the years, I have become accustom to hearing what a "lucky man" I am. Almost all of this stems from our hobby of wargaming. Yes, my wife wargames! For some reason, this is a rarity that is rapidly becoming more common.  And I for one, understand the "Lucky" status that I am complemented for. There are many of us guys that would love to have their partner play in the games we love. The fact that they are even interested is amazing enough! There are too many times that I am sure we all hear how other couples do not share hobbies. Hell, some couples do this on purpose! This is something I never could  grasp with my partner in crime: the fact she had no interest in what I do. I grew up with parents who did not do many things together. My dad loved tennis; my step-mom loved decorating and gardening related stuff. I am sure there was way more to them than that, but the point is that there was not the same connection of hobbies that I could see without directly asking them. To me, their relationship was separate from their interest in hobbies. In our case, it is not!
    When my wife and I met through an online dating service,; we had an instant connection. I cannot say that would happen for the average person. I, honestly, had not really dated for ten years based on who I kept meeting in person. I, actually, joined online to to meet the lady in the profile I was interested in, which is now my wife! That in itself was luck! After hitting it off over common interests, it was really an accident that we liked wargaming. We went into a Hobby Town U.S.A. by chance. I bought a Tiger I E model for Flames of War and built and painted it. She was supportive when I mentioned this new hobby. My first game happened about three months later. Kalissa brought a book to read while attending my first game. She brought it to read, so she would not be bored. She forgot about reading it based off the fun my esteemed opponent and I had. By the end of the first game I ever played, she wanted an army. I gave Kalissa the choice of Soviets or Commonwealth. She chose the Commonwealth and has been beating me up ever since!

My wife's Chaffee tanks for some of her other armies. She normally runs her 4th Canadians.
           With wargaming, it is always a social event. At the time of my wife's introduction to wargaming, she was not as social. This hobby has opened her up to even more of a wonderful person. She gained a lot for playing games, and she is good on a tactical level. In fact, she is great on a tactical level in most games. This surprises most men in a male dominated hobby. She tends to logically understand rules and uses them against people in the first game.
Hawker Typhoons ranging in  for the kill!
Airborne fend off against a German Armored Car.

Angels 20 Dogfight. My wife runs the British, of course!

28mm Tanks of my wife's.

At a Historicon, I was allowed to get some Nebelwerfers as long as she got a 17 lb. AT gun. 

We play a few games of "Of Gods and Mortals" for time to time.

     Really, what makes our wargaming relationship work is her support. When I get an idea, my wife supports it as long as she gets a force. This could be a down fall for a wargaming relationship. However, she always gets an army with any idea. She also chooses her army she wants to run. This is always a positive for me, but could hamper on the idea if you do not have the funds. The same goes for rules sets. She will play as long as there is an army for her. Also, there are some times where she wants a certain era to play. Then, there is a possibly we go there or not! This is based on the rules and the time period. This does not always go hand-in-hand. For instance, I can convince Kalissa to play Ronin, but have not pushed hard enough for Black Powder Samurai! There was a game she had gone for involving Steampunk characters that I was only somewhat into. We have not purchased any figures for either game systems. But it is okay! We look at these as possible future assets!

My wife's 4th Canadians for Flames of War.

    But in a way, we truly complete each other! She is logical and understands rules in the first reading. I understand the painting and basing! Would I get the rules of a game system over time? Sure! But I have to give it to my wife for understanding the rules the first time. That is our dynamic! She is the logic one with rules; I am the creative one with painting and terrain!

WW2 Desert warfare.

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