Sunday, August 28, 2016

Home and Wargaming: Thoughts About Our First House and Such.

Who wouldn't want a dragon in their army!

     For my wife and I, it has been a fairly long month of double bills and getting use to the idea of larger surroundings and home ownership. And even after a month, it still seems surreal that we went from a one-bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom house with a fairly nice sized yard. What makes such a dramatic upgrade is that we have room for the stuff we did not think we had so much of. It never occurred to Kalissa and I that our wargaming hobby was that big until we really moved all of it out of the apartment. Before, we were storing a bunch of terrain in our Jeep Liberty as we traveled about. Every-so-often, we would surprise friends of ours when we had actually emptied out our vehicle for people to actually sit in, as if the back seats were some myth or legend. They were there the whole time. Trust me!
    We also had two closets, a shelf or two, one table I worked on, and a partial invasion of the kitchen while living in one small apartment. Now, that we have space, and we only take up a closet, a small section of the shed, and have a dedicated wargaming room where we store other terrain. It is a dramatic set up compared to the apartment. And there is the bonus of playing at home at anytime. We also have more space to just leave tables set up, so we do not have to live around everything. This is turning out really nice.
    But as I reflect over this month, we have had way more visitors than we had ever before. Apart from various members of the Cape Fear Miniature Wargamers, I had one of my fraternity brothers from Pi Kappa Phi down stopping by on his way with his family to Myrtle Beach.  My Mother-In-Law had been up for a week. We have had our friends, William, Lori, Shannon, Ryan, and Caroline over. And as for wargaming friends of Caper Fear Miniature Wargamers, we have had a couple of Saturdays wargaming. We have had our friends, Joe, Danny, Tim, Nicole, Bill, Hugh, and Andre, so far rolling the dice in games. So, in a way, we could actually use the word "Entertain" for what we do for visitors. This was something I used to here for those house hunting shows. "Here is a room that is great for entertaining!" I never thought it would apply, but it does!
      As it stands for Fayetteville, NC, until the local hobby stores get their gaming rooms together and under control, it seems our wargaming room is the place to be. I, sincerely, hope that places like The Hobbit will get their gaming rooms back. In all honesty, it has nothing to do with being invaded on a Saturday for gaming. We do enjoy that! It would just be nice to meet more gamers, because it was in the game halls we have been lucky to meet our friends we dice against that come over.
    Another nice thing about our new home and wargaming is that, since we do not have to take things down, we also do not have to play. Yesterday's game was a rather larger Kings of War game between Tim and Bill. I don't remember the exact points, but it was at least an ungodly 3,000 on both sides between an army of the Undead versus a Goblin Horde. Pretty much, I decided not to play anything, because I had played two Iron Cross games earlier this week based on the post before this one. But I did want to see the dragon Tim had in action. I thought that this game was it's first time one the table, but there was a game it was used in before. I might not be that much into fantasy games, but I do like dragons. This might be a branch off of a love for Godzilla! So below and everywhere in this post in pictures was that game. The Undead soundly beat the Goblins. The dragon did have some BBQ. I just could not tell you the whole order of things.
   In conclusion, we will have way more memories to come. I am sure this will just be one of those never-ending blogs of wargaming goodness. At least, that is the plan. Now, we will just have to see what other game systems we can get ourselves into!

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