Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ARR: Bolt Action: Total Annihilation!

A British infantry squad gets a pin under fire!

       I do not win most of my games in most periods, games, and opponents. But sometimes I get that one day where I rock at a game. In this case, it was a Bolt Action game against my wife. After playing a doubles match on Saturday, I decided to change up the board for our game. We were still on the previous Sicily board, but I just moved things around. However, the forces were the same. Kalissa ran her British, where as I, ran my Germans. Both were really for desert forces for anyone to notice and wonder. After all, there always is that one historically accurate gamer who has to point out what is wrong in your historical game, even before you have the chance to say that you are not playing a historical game!
     In any case, we ended up playing an "Envelopment"mission. For those who were not familiar with the mission. The defender in the game has to kill as many units on the board to prevent them from reaching your deployment zone or off the table behind the deployment zone. It can be both easy and hard depending what you are running for your army.
    In our game, I was defending as the Germans. I took a bombardment from the British at the beginning taking a lot of pins. Both forces were running as regular troops. so there were going to be deaths. For the sake of simplifying the game report, since I do not remember every detail, here were the list of highlights.
     1. I was able to unpin all of the teams from the bombardment after two turns. I also gave out a lot pins like candy.
     2. Both the Crusader tank and the Panzer III on the board were nearly useless! My Panzer III only worked for the final turn killing the Crusader and a BOYS AT Team.
      3. I took a nasty mortar hit taking down half of a squad from the first shot.
      4. I lost two assaults against the British infantry. However, I won three assaults later in the game.
      5. One of my assaults, I had my mortar spotter come out and pistol whip a Tommy, since he only had a pistol. That was the only good my medium mortar did in this game.
      6. My Panzer II killed a universal carrier, and then, it's last shots of the game took out a medium mortar team at long range with an light auto-cannon shot. Both of us thought it was a ridiculous shot, but it was legal!
      7. One squad assaulted a universal carrier and an infantry squad killing them all.
    So those were the highlights! My wife said at the beginning that she had a plan. It just did not involve me rolling that well. Also, she said in the beginning of the game, "You can't kill them all!" Apparently, you can! None of the British made it!

Shots of the battlefield.

Other side of the battlefield

British softening up the German positions before the assault!

The British advance!

Some Germans hold their fire waiting in ambush for the perfect strike!

On top of a steep hill, the Germans observe incoming British.

British armor supports the advance up the road aware of a Panzer threat.

This was the beginning of my awesome rolling. I never see this!

A Panzer II shoots up a universal carrier at point blank!

A BOYS AT rifle fires at the Panzer II, but it glances off harmlessly!

The crossroads. Two squads crisscross each other's paths to engage in combat.

When tanks have a staring contest.

A squad of angry Germans assault and kill a universal carrier.

A British Command team races off after killing a squad in an assault. I usually have casualties to show this in our games, but I do not have British casualties of German one painted up for my DAK.

Another failed shot at the Panzer II, but it does shock the crew!

The Panzer III final gets it right!

In the doorway, is my spotter who took care of the British HQ situation.

The Panzer II kills the BOY AT team. From this spot, they turn their turret and kill a medium mortar with HE.

My Panzer III.

The last of the British were mopped up.

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