Sunday, August 21, 2016

An Afternoon of Sharp Practice.

Union troops rushing the Confederates!
     Saturday morning, I popped in a movie, "Paths of Glory" to start the mood at our house for wargaming. I could have played a Civil War movie, but I just felt the need of Kirk Douglas' defiance in morning!  Civil War movies would have made more sense, since it was agreed that we would at least play one game of Sharp Practice. Our friends, Hugh and Bill had one more game to finish off their campaign, and I wanted to try out the rules. I was one who was willing to give it a go, even though, it was not to be.
   Bill and Hugh's game was fairly quick. Bill's Union troops had to rescue a General held captive by the Confederates held up in a church. I can only guess this was done on a Sunday. We were one day off. Close enough! with one smashing attack into the church, the Confederate defense was shattered. And along the road, the Union smashed their way through a line of Confederates taking them prisoner, thus, ending the game.
    Out of seeing this game played quite a few times, it seems that most pick up games could be fairly quick. It is quite possible to play a series of games if one were to have all day to play. It is too bad that is not the case. But I do have an interest in playing. Kalissa and I went to Historicon without a real shopping list like we had in the past. In a way, we got away light from the convention. We had the idea to get our forces for Sharp Practice for the American Civil War, but got sidetracked. It is not hard to do in the vendor hall there!
    However, I was not able to play a game, despite being the host of the event. I did not care, because it is just as nice to see friends play. What was really interesting was seeing my friend's wife, Nicole play Sharp Practice against Bill. She had never played before and I rarely get to see her play in a game. There was also the fact that my wife, Kalissa would be having fun regardless of not playing, because she always got to role for the random events table for when three command chips were pulled in a row. I am sure she is going to love Muskets and Tomahawks for the same reason.
   The cool thing was that for her first game of Sharp Practice, Nicole held her own. In fact, the statements about the second game was that is was the longest game when have seen with Sharp Practice in general. The whole affair lasted well into the fourth hour before Nicole's Confederates withdrew. But it was very close. Both Bill and Nicole had a force morale of 5 before the final blow.
    Anyway, here was the shots of these two games. I would have liked to try out the game for myself, but it is not like I can ask someone over to play it.

The General for the Union was held captive in a Church by a small Confederate force.
A detachment of Union infantry were sent to spring the General from captivity!

Another unit of Union troops was sent in to secure an escape route for the rescue.

They also brought a small unit of Skirmishers to flank the Rebel infantry.
The Yankees charge into the line of Rebels.
Meanwhile, the Union skirmishers flank around to block any retreating Rebs!

They hold two jump off points to force the Confederates to deploy a further 12" away.

With a hail of fire, the Yankees pour fire into the church. Possibly, a moral dilemma.

Second game players Left to Right: Nicole (Confederate), Hugh (umpire), and Bill  (Union).

Nicole deploys her Confederates along a fence while the rest try for the heights.

Bill's Yankee skirmishers try to hide in the brush 
Union troops use a farm house to sneak up on the Rebels.

Bill sends his larger Union force into position, but must cross a fence.

The Skirmishers start taking fire!

The Union infantry advances in column down the road on the heights.

The Rebels star taking some casualties. 

The Union troops pour fire down on the Rebels in the farm from the high ground.

One of the random events caught a house on fire!

And through the chaos, yet another, house is burning. The locals are not happy!

The shock fest begins in this field.

On of the random events, convinced the Rebels that the Yankees where through! As you can see, this was far from the truth. The Rebels charged over the fence to receive a hail of fire!

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