Friday, August 26, 2016

AAR: Iron Cross: Tank Atack, Round Two!

Panzer IV tanks taking positions.

     After playing a rather fun game of Iron Cross for the first game, Kalissa and I decided to play another game. But this time, I was going to use a different make up of a German force. Instead of a bunch of Panther tanks, I had two Tiger I E's with some various random armor. Also, our friend, Bill was in the area, so he wanted to come over and watch us play. After all, if it is see played, it might be something he would be interested in. I, personally, feel the best way to learn a new game is to get your hands dirty and play it. Everyone has their own ways to go about it!
    In any case, I would like to say that we actually finished this game, but the truth is that we got through about four turns. Mainly, because it is a school night, and Kalissa teaches. There was that and every conceivable person wanted to call that evening! What did matter is that we learned some more about the game. I still find no reason to bring Tigers in a fight, since they still suck under my command. This is a curse I am bound to break, though, they did not die in this game. Also, it seems that there were a lot if vehicles not mentioned in this book. Some, were a little more common than others, such as, there was no information for Marder III's.  They had Marder II's and rated them as having light AT. They were a little more powerful than that! Is this a deal breaker for the rules? No! They are still loads of fun. Here are what little shots of the game we had.
The battlefield.

The two Tiger I E's and the Marder III hull down on a ridge overlooking a large wheat field.

British Armor advances.

More Panzer IV's take action!

A group of British Cromwell's and a Firefly take to the flanks on a road.

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Stug III's and a Puma try to cover the main road.

The 251C half-track happens to be my commander, which cannot be shot at, if I am smart about it.

The Marder III is torn apart from a Firefly shell!

That said Firefly with pins after a hit.

The Germans lose a Stug III and a Puma.

Panzer IV's moving into a better position. 
A Firefly is on fire while an M-10 tries to move up!

A Panzer IV takes credit for this kill on it's first shot!

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