Saturday, August 20, 2016

Different Stages of Making a Mat: The Joys of Color.

     Every so often, I will do commissions for building terrain. This is especially true when I have more time on my hands. Some of the great things about making terrain for your minutes is surprising yourself on how you do something. I have written some tutorials on here about processes of certain projects. Honestly, sometimes the idea sound better than the results. But once you figure out a process, it still seems like magic. I guess I can thank the Art Studio and Design degree I have for something awesome. I probably would not have painted so much if it wasn't for the direction I took.
    Anyway, this just the first half of the commission I was doing. I just want to show how much of a difference it makes to added each base color. I will be adding to the roads and highlighting afterwards.

This was the main design for the two mats. It was a little more simplified, but I was given some freedoms on design. In this case, I added some roads going North and South. I wanted to give options for the owner, so they can match up for other battlefields.

Other option.

And yet, another option!
Teddy Bear Fur shaved down for the design.
These were the first two colors. Brown for the roads, and the lighter green for the shorter grass. It is awesome how it pops!
Adding the darker green and the yellow fields. These are base colors, the highlights with give a more natural look and tone some of it down.
The main set up.

Another option.

    I will most likely show off the finished project in the near future, since I will want to have it done and shipped to the customer.

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