Friday, July 29, 2016

First Tabletop Game in Our House: Flames of War

My Panzer IV tanks.

       Even though it took a couple of days, I was able to play my first wargame at our new house. Kalissa and I had been living in a one- bedroom apartment for a while and felt the need to upgrade. This was not really a new decision in life. It just happen that we kept having near misses with houses. We would find one house that was a good deal, and some other family would have placed an offer on the same day. It really was quite annoying, However, as luck would have it, we were victorious on our venture to finding a nice home. And one of it's key features is a rather large dedicated gaming room. So, of course, we are going to take it for a test spin!
      I ended up inviting our friend, Joe over for a game of Flames of War. Other than playing, there were a couple of reasons. One, it was easy to set up. Two, Joe has a few army options. And the third was that Kalissa and I started this hobby of ours through Flames of War. I figured for a new place, we should start playing some old classics. After all, we both have about nine different companies to run.
      Now, as a standing tradition, Joe and I have been about tied in wargaming wins. We seemed to always have violent games that go one way or the other. In this case, I just had some terrible rolling. But in my defense, I honestly cannot blame my esteemed opponent, Joe has always had that knack for declaring my roll of "ones" in advance. It would be as if the dice were taking his commands. Also, I did do some rather silly mistakes like forgetting to strip "Gone to Ground" with my recce 250/9's, and left my Panzer IV H's in the open to be ambushed by a bunch of 57 mm AT guns. What can I say? I really was not thinking, because I was just happy to play inside my own home! Below are images of the game. Enjoy!

One view of the table.

Another view of the table. Most of this terrain is my order stuff from four years ago. I will probably update this.

Recce charging up the road to the American infantry.

Starting armor positions.

No recce ahead of these made it a rough time, especially after the ambush and air attack.

57 mm AT guns defend a hedge.

The Recce patrol tries to dig out the American infantry. They just moon us back!

Some German death!


Artillery screw up the Panzergrenadiers really bad.

I was able to win an assault with the Panthers.

Just bad!

When assaults go wrong.

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