Sunday, July 24, 2016

Historicon 2016 Rocked Part 3

Starting positions for our last game we played in on Sunday.
       Again, this post is just more of a re-cap on highlights of the convention. Kalissa and I have made it a tradition to play a game together on the Sunday, since our first Historicon four years ago. In this case, we played a game of Beneath the Lily Banners for our final convention. We played the Battle of Penny Burn Mill during the first days of the siege of Derry. It was hosted by Barry Hilton and Clarence Harrison. I am not sure how they reacted to Kalissa and I. But I must say, it was a fun rule set to play, especially, when you get to play with the writer of the rules. Needless to say, wife did kill off Capt. Adam Murray by drowing him in a swamp. He was our commander! However, we did make for a good scrap, since the winner of the game had to be decided by playing Black Jack. We ended up winning. This made the Sunday worth it, despite the sadness of a fun convention ending. We look forward to next year.
    Here are some more photos. Enjoy!
This was the board that won "Best In Show". Orthez 1814 in 10mm.

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