Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Final Countdown: Historicon 2016

       Well, it is just one day off for my wife and I for the great Historicon 2016. We have been looking forward to going to another round of this convention, since it seems like Christmas for us. It is also around my wife's birthday, so it is like a birthday present for her. We aim to make this a greater event for us. One reason is that I will be running four games in a two day span! I am looking forward to this. I have been upping my game towards creating a great convention game. As it stands, I will have most of my gaming stuff out for about 26 hours. This is a new first for me. I am slightly nervous despite believing in the power of Super Glue.
      However, I have several goals for this year's Historicon. For one, I really would like to get photographed for Wargames Illustrated or Wargames Magazine. I don't need a full article; just a picture. I, also, want people to have fun and enjoy a game I play. For some reason, Bolt Action has not caught on as a rules system in my area as others. And the last thing I want, I want a people to have a great memory of my work, so it inspires people. I think that would be the greatest honor. I honestly think that if any of these points were to be full-filled, it would be a mission success. The second is the most likely to happen.
     But on another note, Historicon is the great shopping experience. We always have a shopping list. As usual, there will be some WW2 stuff in 28mm. But there are some other shopping list features. I want to get a copy of the Prodos Games Alien vs. Predator. I always loved the Aliens vs, Marines. Aliens was such a great movie of my childhood. Also, we would like some Sharp Practice armies. The first on the list is Civil War related. The other is for the Peninsular Wars.  I want to do either Spanish or Portuguese soldiers. Another item on the list are the 40mm Musketeer line from Eureka Miniatures. "And For One..", I believe it is called. We, also, want  Muskets and Tomahawks armies.  Anything thing else is a bonus.
   It is dangerous now, since my wife and I bought a home. We had a huge game room and the ability to buy new game stuff. It is a dangerous world, but we will survive. This is especially true if our various friends meet up with us. My wife will be called "Bossy". She will win the day!. I will have had fun as a Game Master, if not, playing various games before that. And most of all, I will get to see wargaming friends from across the country. I may even get to meet a lot more in person that I have talked to online. These are things I look forward to. I really hope for a great time. So the next posting should be all about Historicon 2016. Until then, have a great day! Below are some photos of interest from last year's Historicon.

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