Saturday, July 2, 2016

AAR: Angels 20, My Quickest Game Ever!

    On a Saturday morning, my wife, Kalissa and I met up with some other wargaming friends to play a whole day of whatever. There was a 40K Tournament going on the local Hobbytown, U.S.A., and we did not feel like waiting around for all of the stragglers that show for it in hopes of playing on a table. Needless to say, for the last game to play was an Angels 20 game. This game was a product of Axis and Allies that has failed in the market place of wargaming. After playing the first game, it hardly seems to make sense that a fairly simple game of fun rules would fail. We, of coursed, talked about this.
    The census of the wargamig experience in our area has turned to the "lazy side" when it comes to wargaming. Sure, we have seen some 40k wagaming, but even that, has not seen new models amongst the common 40k players in our area. One of the larger games to take off has been X-Wing. I think the two main reasons seem to be that it is Star Wars, for one,have miniatures that are already painted. One would think on the second reason, Angels 20 would have been a hit, since all of their planes come pre-painted. The big difference that seems to account for the failure of Angels 20 is that unlike X-Wing, you cannot pick the planes. You have to drop $20 for a box of planes that could range from awesome to God-awful. Also, there is a change you might get duplicate planes. Example, my wife wanted a Hawker Typhoon, three boxes and three duplicate planes later, we got her one. And I got two of the worst French planes in the game, the MS 406!
   So in this last game of Angels 20, we played the the shortest possible game: as in, two turns! This was partial done on purpose. It was not tactically bad and we were playing with plenty of time. However, I always wanted to take out these MS 406's out for a spin in the game. After all, I wanted to know how the rating of "Poor" really was. They also had a special rule were if you fail a maneuver in a test, your plane automatically  loses altitude. Also, you had to roll for you shooting before you shot to see if you lost ammo. But to be fair to some challenge the Germans, I also had a Spitfire Ace. Did this do any good. Of course not! The Spitfire and one of the MS 406 were taken out in the first round of shooting. The second turn saw the the demise of the second MS 406 after failing a maneuver. I think this game lasted a total of 20 minutes. So the rating of "Poor" is pretty awesome. Here are some shots.

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