Saturday, July 2, 2016

Medieval Madness with Songs of Blades and Heroes.

    Other than the Angels 20 debacle, we played several games of Songs of Blades and Heroes. Though, these are not the greatest rules on Earth, they are rather simple. We ended up playing with Bill's Vikings on my short mat with rather modern buildings and hedges. I did not think about bringing terrain. However, the point was good times.
    There were several things to note in these games. One, four player free-for-all are crazy. Two, Kalissa is evil in this game! The first game, her troops were being hammered really hard, but there was a change. Some one said a comment that bother her in middle game, and not even related to the game or the players. The beast was awoken, because every started to die! She even killed her own troops to get them out of the way for the final arrow in the head shot for the last man.
    The second game, I was doing really well until I turned my focus on my wife who waited until every was down quite a few figures to kill. I lost everyone to her Vikings. It was ugly. The fives and sixes fest ended, because did not want to play another game. Either way, lesson learned, I think?

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