Sunday, May 1, 2016

AAR: Modern Survival Game using Normandy Firefight

      Due to some volunteer work at my wife's school, we did not play our normal Saturday gaming. Instead, we had convinced our friends to play at our local Hobbytown U.S.A. on a Sunday. It is rare that I even get to play any games on Sunday. We were originally were going to play the new Sharp Practice rules, but a friend of ours could not come. He had the rules. So we opted for something different. Kalissa and I have all of these Hasselfree Miniatures we have painted up for a future Sharknado game. But since we are not on to that project for the moment, why not have them show up on the table?.
   Amongst the five of us, we each chose three figures to keep things simple. We had a Boss that the a giant pre-painted Minotaur that I got from somewhere. We would have gone for a zombie game just for kicks, but no one has gotten around to painting any. We also went with Normandy Firefight, since we all have played the rules before and is character based. After all, we all have some interesting characters. The great thing with using Hasselfree Miniatures is that the game can get really funny and especially, dirty. The only hang up with Normandy Firefight is that there is a lot of math percentages. So the game is a little slower than we would like. So the results were dirty comical joke at warp speed!
   Here is the rundown of the characters:

 My wife, Kalissa had....
     Rowan, the Cosplay Elf armed with a quarter staff.
     Beth armed with a pistol.
     Dorthy armed with a pistol.
Tim had......
     Dr. Doom (who was rather short) armed with a knife
     Mikey, a kid armed with a small chainsaw.
     Little Suzie, a girl armed with a rocket launcher.
 Bill had......
     Billy Bob, a redneck with a baseball bat.
     Mary Jane, a redneck girl with dual Uzis.
     Jermeny, the Soul man armed with a pistol.
Andre had....
     Martha, a old lady with a double-barreled shotgun.
     Sister Mary, a nun with a pistol.
     Libby, who was dressed as the Statue of Liberty with the torch as a blunt object.
I had.....
     Dave with a chainsaw.
     Granny Smith, an old lady who had a special purse with lots of grenades.
     Sammi, a stripper with a Katana Blade.

 The Minotaur was played by anyone when they had there character come up. They could choose to use the Minotaur instead of moving their character. Now, the mission was to cross the board with the most characters. We all started on one side with our groups. It did not take long for someone to find out that you can kill characters with characters. Almost immediately, one of my characters was hit in the back with a baseball bat. Then, Granny Smith took a hit from a pistol shot. I lost Dave first with Granny to follow. Sammi was the smart one of leaving the area. It was Tim's character Little Suzy who was the champion. This is also why he won the game. Firing a rocket launcher in two different moments killed two people each! And he managed to cross the board with all three characters. Good times. My own regret was not be able to have Granny Smith throw out a couple of hand grenades. That could have been awesome! Here are some photos of the game.

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