Saturday, April 30, 2016

Random Painting.

   I am aware that a lot of my blog work or gaming for that matter focuses on the WW2 theme. It is true that it is the core period my wife and I play. However, like all projects and especially, the one I am currently working on, it is always good to take a little break from it all. Call it a "Mini-Paintcation", if you will. For today, I decided to paint some terrain pieces that can be for WW2, but modern times as well. Nothing says modern like a bunch of dumpsters. Dumpster diving, anyone?
    I also took the time to paint some zombie survivors. Really, I think the whole zombie thing is a little over played in our culture right now, but there are a lot of cool figures for them. The ones below are by Hasselfree Miniatures. I have a bunch more of these, because I will eventually get around to finishing our Sharknado Project. After all, Sharknado 4 is coming out this summer. I can wait for all the cheese!


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