Monday, April 11, 2016

Testing Convention Game Scenario: Second Game.

     This is the second game testing out the modified Bolt Action rules for our games for Historicon. For the second game, my friend, Bill, was playing the Germans versus my combined Allied forces. I wanted a different perspective for what has changed for this convention. Bill is really big into Chain of Command and loves the flexibility of the command structure with senior and junior leaders, and sections, instead of full squad movement. I have to agree that the fire and maneuver is lacking in Bolt Action.
   However, with that said, we played on. Unlike the scenario that these rule modifications are for, we decided to play a standard kill-all type of game. It was easier to have the mechanics down. The key difference in this versus you typical Bolt Action play is that the order dice are not stuck to one unit. They can, instead use up to three orders on a unit with the exception of going "down", a move the brings the unit further than 24", or a "rally". This limits what you can do, and you have to pass morale for addition orders to a unit. If not, they go down!
   With the dice popping out in my favor at first, I got quite a few units on. However, Bill chose to flank through the town through backyards to get into position. I reacted by placing a unit of American Airborne. This is where things began to go wrong. Bill had a 222 Scout Car that pounced at the moment. This thing was the champ! It killed 22 men single-handed through out the game. I had to kill it, and it took two assaults to do so. This gave some time for the Germans to kill off the one American until on the far right flank. Most of my troops were getting fairly diced. For one, I was not rolling that well. Two, Bill found this box to roll in. This was a magic box! I have never seen so many fives and sixes in one game. I even mentioned possibly burning the box for it's sheer evilness. But I did get my second wind! My medium mortar was on a firing frenzy. It killed the German mortar and two squads! It was the saving grace!
   The end result in our game ended in a Draw. The Germans had seven men left, where the Allies had six. Of course, no commander would ever even think of taking that many casualties, unless they were the Soviets or possibly, the Japanese. It was a good game and lots of fun! Here was the action at hand in photos.

The next couple of a pictures was the battlefield. This is also the first time, the windmill has made it to the table. Will talk about it the next post. Once day, I will have a background for my stuff. The red wall drives me crazy! 

British Airborne move in to only take hits.

Germans sneak down the road the threaten the left flank.

British regulars move up a road loosing two men in the process.

U.S. Airborne suspects some Germans on the other side of a hedgerow.

The 222 armored car firing away!

A stroll through some backyards.

Another British unit fires at Germans in the road from the cover of a hedgerow.

Heavy fire from the Germans

The Germans run over the right flank.

An Airborne revenge! This was the first assault against the armored threat.

The British take out the German on the open road.

After killing the armored car, the American squad was killed with murderous gun fire.

A building in wrecked after a mortar round goes through two floors, killing all of the Germans inside.

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