Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Upgrading My Windmill.

This was the display windmill that Miniature Building Authority let me borrow for our convention game at Historicon 2015. It is awesome to have a company help out fellow gamers. Hence, they have a good customer!

   Recently, my wife and I got our stuff from a Kickstarter done by Miniature Building Authority. It took quite a few months for them to sent them to us being a new product line for them. They came out with several new buildings, including the only thing I was after, the windmill. Now, I have wanted this windmill, since I first saw it at Historicon 2015. They had it on display as a future project where I made no secret that I wanted one. I will not lie, I might have been like a terrain stalker about it. At the time, Kalissa and I were running our first Historicon convention game based in Holland for Operation Market Garden. I had planned to have a windmill for terrain, but did not get around to it. So we were able to borrow it from Miniature Building Authority. So when the Kickstarter came up, I could not resist.
    For a review, like most Miniature Building Authority buildings, they are solid buildings. I remember seeing someone standing on one of the buildings to show how strong they are. I am not saying to do this, but they are very strong resin buildings. They, also, come pre-painted ready for the table. As for me, I am not much of a fan of that, since I like painting my own stuff. For one, the price range for most of their stuff is based on the fact they are painted, so they are expensive. However, they come packaged very well. You will not be disappointed.
   For the windmill we got, I had to repaint it and add to it. Was there anything really wrong with it as is? No! In my case, I had a vision in advance. I wanted a black and white windmill much like some pictures I saw. I am always amazed when I can't find reference pictures when I what them to share. The windmill of Miniature Building Authority has one issue, which is, the wind wheel itself. It is the first thing of theirs that is fairly fragile. Also, I had to add to the front the frame to the individual sails. This was not that big of a deal. However, you can judge for yourselves.

Before my modifications.
After my modifications.

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