Saturday, April 16, 2016

AAR: Third Convention Test Game: Marsh Hedgrow Firefight.

This was the third test of our modified Bolt Action game we are going to run at Historicon. This is not the board for it, and my wife and I were sorting out some of the corks of playing Bolt Action different. What we discovered was that despite the possibly of multiple shots in a turn with tanks, they still do not hit that well. Also, we found that multiply orders limited to only the amount of units tended to have the following result: some units did not really see action. In a sense, that does not seem too bad. For example, my light mortar had a limited roll in the game. Like all games it has been in previously, I have concluded that the light mortar in terms of Bolt Action sucks. But why have a game where all the teams are not being used? It is something to think about. After all, why paint more troops for our convention game if there is a great possibility of not using them. In this game, my medic stood in the field doing whatever a combat medic does while in a firefight. Not much. This goes to show the importance of play testing a game before hand.
  During the game, there was a nice stand off between my Stug III and her Sherman. There were at least twelve rounds of bounding rounds. Maybe, we were using paint rounds like Oddball in Kelly's Heroes. We also had a very violent assault over a building that reduced a squad of mine to an non-combat role. I had two men after it. In the end, the Germans had won the fight. They took out three Shermans, a medium mortar, two bazooka teams, and two infantry squads. Kalissa took out my 222 armored car and a Stug III. To be fair, she was kind of distracted with wargame talk and sharing some new rule books she got, which translates to new war gaming projects. Oh, the horror!
     So here is the rundown with pictures. Enjoy!
One side of the battlefield.

Other side of  the battlefield.

These were marshes.

The one lone tavern.

The crossroads.

German infantry on the move.

A squad of Airborne runs across open ground without knowing about German occupied Tavern.

French Resistance.

A Bazooka team arrived to scare off an armored car threat.

The 222 almost ran off the table after a Fubar.

A PaK40 gun takes aim.

A squad lies and waits for action.

A violent assault kills 18 men, both American and Germans. Only two Germans make it out alive!

A Stug III G fires on Airborne when a Sherman Tank shows up on the road.

Hedgerow combat.


The American medic accidentally shoots at the Resistance.

The armored car strikes again!

Armored stand off.

A Sherman takes out the 222!

Shot after shot, the trade off finally declares a victor.

A Stug III burns in the field from a Sherman Firefly shell.

The PaK40 gets its victim.

Germans advance!

Staring down the sights!

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