Monday, May 9, 2016

Sharp Practice Review.

        This is kind of a review of the game "Sharp Practice" by Too Fat Lardies. I said that it is kind of a review base on the fact that I did not play this game that is featured. My wife, Kalissa and I, merely observed this game based on interest. I had heard about Sharp Practice coming out, but had not read to much about it. It was our friend, Hugh who mentioned the game set, since he loves nearly all of the Too Fat Lardies rule sets. In fact, he should be the national spokes person for Chain of Command in the United States of America. I am not that into Chain of Command as Hugh is. It is not a bad game, but it is slower than other rule sets. So when I heard of a simpler version for the American Civil War, I won't lie, I was intrigued.
    There is a deeper feeling towards this game's time period for me. For one, as a kid, I grew up fascinated by the Civil War. I liked nearly everything about it. The flags were just as much of a fascination as the guns. I remember watching the old mini-series "The Blue and the Gray". And when the movie, "Glory" came out, it was awesome! It did not help that I had an Uncle who collected and shot Civil War rifles. I, even, shot quite a few rifles, such as, a Burnside and both, long and cavalry versions of the Spencer rifle. Also, growing up mainly in Georgia near Kennasaw Mountain, I had plenty of localized battlefields to visit all the way up to Lookout Mountain. Needless to say, I have loved Civil War history. I have yet to own miniatures of them. Kalissa and I have played Civil War games in the past at conventions. She seems to win awards during these games. I have been a speed bump against her a plenty of times as Confederates!
    Anyway, about the game of Sharp Practice, I am not sure of where the name came from. At first, I thought that it was called "Shark Practice". I have no idea what they were talking about. Sharp Practice is a simplified game set for line infantry warfare. One could call it a Nepoleonics skirmish set. For this set, it does have a good skirmish Civil War game. It, also, plays out much like Chain of Command does, but not as tactically forgiving. For one, one has to realize that line infantry did not have the flexibility that a WW2 combat unit would have. Two, shock has a major impact on your troops. Line infantry take more hits. Three, there is a quicker element with this game. There is a similar mix of Bolt Action with these rules based on your commanders and flags. Flags, are interesting, because if the turn ends, you can possibly use the extra flags as extra actions. Also, if you pull three flags, the last activated unit has a random event. This can be good or bad. There is a lot of dynamics in this game. It won't be long until I join in. The great news is that in needs about 60 figures at most. It is easy to get into! Anyway, here was the game shots. Enjoy!


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