Saturday, May 21, 2016

AAR: Bolt Action Demo Game: Losing on Turn 3.

   When showing up at a game hall or room, you never really know what can happen. Between my wife, Kalissa and I, we are very flexible for what goes on in our gaming lives to a degree. In this case, we came across a gentlemen named Jason, who was interested in our game set up. We had seen him before for X-Wing games. So, if my normal way, I invited him to play in a Bolt Action game. I, honestly, have missed the days of demonstrating games. For the first couple of years of gaming with my wife, we had demonstrated countless games. Most of these were Flames of War demos! It is not too often that we had Bolt Action interest. It has not caught on in our area as much. Some of that has to do with our local Chain of Command players. It happens!
   Anyway, Jason took the German side. I took the Americans. We played a kill-fest game to get the core rules down. After all, the point is to peak interest, not necessary kill the other side. Apparently, my ideal agreed with my mind set. Needless to say, I got my ass kicked! All is good, since my fellow opponent enjoyed himself. Mission accomplished! Anyway, here are the few pictures of my demise! Enjoy!

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