Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sharp Practice in Full Swing.

       After being introduced into the newer rules from Too Fat Lardies on the American Civil War, our gaming group has somewhat gotten into the grove. I say this, because my wife and I gathered our few historical gamers into a gaming group called Cape Fear Miniature Gamers. The bases of this group was to try to center about two themes a year to focus the group on similar game types. For one, my wife and I have always admired the gaming clubs overseas in the U.K. For some reason, seeing the various inspirations in gaming, modeling, terrain, and overall game types is rather inspiring. Overseas seems to have a rather great art in performing eye-candy games. I, for one, strive to do that in the U.S. I does happen here, but  we only really see it in game shows. We, also, know there are gaming clubs/groups in the U.S., but we only see their work at game shows. Most of these clubs are based up in the New England area.
     Anyway, after much discussion, we decided on the rules set of "Sharp Practice". This seems like the simple choice for people to get into that is relatively cheap to get into figure-wise. So far, several people have played a few games and bought a few figures. My only problem that stands is what to chose for my troops. I am only the fence between being a Union infantry until or Bloody Bill Anderson's Cavalry. I am not sure, since my wife has also not chosen. Since we plan to play against each other, we always pick opposing sides. And I especially want to do this, since we've played several Civil War games on the same side at a few convention games. We do much better against each other in Civil War games on opposing sides!
  But until the decision is made, I figured I would share some Sharp Practice game pictures. Enjoy!

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