Monday, May 9, 2016

Armored Fury and Continuing Quests...


    As events have unfolded, I had just recently left a job. Despite this new found freedom, it has opened up a lot of spare time for projects until the next job. Normally, this could be a set back, but in my case, I have a lot of backlogged projects. And even with that, I am still making some money through terrain projects, such as one, I will be doing tomorrow. I like terrain projects for clients, since I get to see things later in photos on the table top!
   However, I have made no secret that I have my main project for Historicon 2016. And the problem with free time is creative time. I have been on a creative streak! For one, I finished off the 5' x 15' board with twice the detail I was planning. Second, I have found a way to make some new flock leaves, thus making different tree types. Third, I made a ton of fences! Fourth, I made a ton of rail fencing. Fifth, I made a ton of different types of bushes. This, and I have been finally finishing off all of the American infantry. I, also, discovered things I forgot about to finish. It has truly been a dangerous quest of wargaming inspiration! I will have to share all of the goodies later in another post.
    But the point of this post is based on a good eBay deal. I needed some Sherman Tanks for my up coming game. Do we have Shermans? Yes, my wife's British XXX Corps has Sherman tanks. And, even though, our game is not an actually historical battle, I am treating it like it is, thus meaning, no Guards Shermans. I know that can sound crazy, but my historical gamer self  cannot bring myself to do something untrue, but still possible. I am looking at the 82nd Airborne with infantry relieve mixed with some armor, versus some Fallschirmjaeger and AT unit re-enforced by some Waffen SS. All was possible in Normandy in a couple of areas. So I needed some Sherman tanks for this game. Warlord's Armored Fury ended up being the answer. I will be honest, I hate plastic anything in this hobby of ours. I tend to break plastic too easy! But in this case, I could not pass up a deal. I found Armored Fury for less than $80 with free shipping versus buying a platoon of Shermans for more. I thought "sold!" I, now, get three Sherman tanks, two Panther A tanks, a mini-rule book, and the "Tank Wars" rule book for the price near one plastic platoon of three Sherman tanks. Score!
       I was not originally adding Panther tanks to my game, but it seemed like a good counter-attack weapon. I have a friend who I painted for who had other tanks I could borrow, so that is why I have picked the paint scheme. He, also, had some Sherman tanks lying around. Score, again! So here is what I paint recently and his stuff I painted early last year. Enjoy!

Believe it or not, these Sherman tanks are finished. I found a large amount of references ignoring the order to having their tanks marked with the star based on giving the Germans an easy target to shot at. In the field, the tankers painted over or toned down their marking to better their chances. I don't blame them!

This is my most recent Panthers.
This was for my friend, Danny, who wanted support for his Fallschirmjaegers. Historically, I choose the paint-scheme of the 12th Stug Battery, which was one that supported the 6th Fallschirmjaeger during Operation Market Garden.

I cannot remember the unit, but is was on the Russian Front. Earl Grey does a great job for research!

This camouflage is based of off the 1st SS Panzer Division in Paris, France, July of '44.

Random half-track camouflage.

A random unit at Kursk, Russia.

This was just showing off with my first mat I made.


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