Saturday, August 17, 2019

AAR: Battlegroup: First Games.

When you have nearly everything really for a game, it does not take longer for me to jump right into a game and play. That was exactly what we did when we went to Hobbytown, USA. Kalissa and I brought our newly acquired 20mm to the store to test out the game, even though, she did not play it. For the following tow games I played, I had two opponent who had also never played. And for those few that had experienced my lovely wife, I somehow did not die in the process. She was nice enough to help run us through the Battlegroup while not ever reading them in advance. How I still have fingers to type after these games is still a miracle! I still have to make it through the night! Organized people tend to like to be prepared!
For the first game, I played against a newer player in our area, Chris. He chose to play the Germans leaving me with the British. Not normally my cup of tea! (See what I did there!) Anyway, Germans had four squads of Germans, two MG42's, one Forward HQ, and a Panther tank. To make things fair for the British, they had four squads of infantry, a forward observer for artillery with 1st Priority, a Vicker Machine Gun, and three off-table 17 pdr. shots. I thought that would balance out nicely. It is even better for the Germans when I roll the most amazing amount of "ones" on my D6's. I was pinned down the first half of the game. My first shots were on turn 5. I think we made it to ten turns until my morale failed.
The second game against Richard, I ran my Germans. This game ran faster, since he watched the first game. We had more of a slugfest. One of the three 17 pdr. shots killed my Panther tank. It did not get to shoot! However, the amount of death was all over. We decided to call the game when I had one MG42 in a house left out of the force, spite have some morale left. The British, I discovered were two off from their breaking point, but I am sure more artillery would have been called in.
As for the rules themselves, I really enjoyed playing them. There was a lot more strategy when you are not pinned down as much. I think this game will even be more interesting when we have more units to mess with. My only real issues is that the game speed breaks down when dealing with the artillery steps. They can bog things down. However, when I saw there is a possibly to get hit by two 240mm guns, I thought "Awesome!" So below are the rest of the photos! Enjoy!

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