Tuesday, January 2, 2018

AAR: Tank War: New Year's Day Tank Battle

        Back to the wargaming WWII! It had been a couple of months as it turns out. After posting about my review of our wargaming in the year of 2017, we realized that we had not played a WWII game since August. That is rather usual. We, also, did not play a Normandy Firefight game at all for the year 2017. Kalissa really likes those rules, since there are hand grenades! And since we have had all of the various company leave, we decided to play a game. Plus, I needed to take down this set to finish off the other four sections.
    Either way, since my wife has a tank problem, it seemed only logically to go back to the tanks. Plus, they are fun and easier to get out in comparison to our other stuff. We played using Bolt Action rules. It was 13 dice to 10: British versus German. I got out some of my tanks that have not seen the battlefield in a while, such and my Stug IV's.
     The overall battle was quick and dangerous: the way it should be. I lost six tanks. Kalissa lost five. If I had rolled some worthy damage rolls, I could have claimed more tank victims. In the end, Kalissa had the last kill destroying one of my Stug IV's in the last turn from a long ranged M-10 Tank destroyer shot. Either way, we need to get our game on more often. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome. Love the foliage on the StuG!

  2. Brilliant stuff David! Nice to see the WWII games again :)

    1. I would never abandon WW2 gaming. I have just had a lot of side projects.