Thursday, March 17, 2016

     When "One" Is Not The Loneliest Number: Bolt Action Game:
It seems that this past week was a rough one for both my wife and myself. Though, nothing really bad happened it was a interesting one. Somehow, I did not have to work this Saturday, so we were determined to play all day. So the first game, Kalissa and I played some Bolt Action. For the most part, our games tend to get violent. I was apparent that Kalissa had most of her full armor out minus about 20 tanks, if they did not reproduce again. I was going a little more under strengthed for the challenge.
    Everything went to plan at first. I shot at a Half-track full of British infantry to do nothing with a Stug III. My wife responded in kind by knocking out said Stug III. I had a Panther G come on the scene to kill the same Cromwell. Things were starting out good. I sent a Puma up to threaten anything that looked inviting, but it found itself trapped. I lost it to Cromwell fire. It was from here the game took an unfortuante down turn. Ones! I mean lots of them for both Kalissa and I. If it was not for the last assault against my German infantry and a mortar hit, we might not have lasted. In ended in a draw based on the table losing magic. A full two turns saw nothing, but ones for damage of any type!
    Anyway, despite the ones depression, we still played more games for the rest of the day, including a doubles Normandy Firefight game, which I will post later. Don't get us wrong! We still had fun, but there are just those games we all have once in awhile. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

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