Sunday, March 20, 2016

Testing Convention Game Scenario: A Bolt Action Modified game.

   It is no surprise that my wife and I are at it again in a violent match up. We like to play each other. In this case, we were doing a test run for our future convention game that is using Bolt Action Rules, sort of. At the moment, the statistics of Bolt Action, the order dice, and the Night Fighting rules are what was used in todays game. The reality is that this future convention game is a cross between Bolt Action rules and Iron Cross rules.
   The big difference in this game are hidden set up with markers that the Germans have. The German player has to write down where is troops are and can have them in Ambush if they wish. Two, you can use more order dice on the same unit up to three times, unless they are put on a "Down" or "Rally" order, fail to pass morale for the 2nd or 3rd actions, or they assault. Three, your commander has extra order dice that can be issued during a order pull to order any other unit into action with in a 12" radius and in the line of sight. This distance also applies as morale checks for every unit if the commander is killed. The extra command dice can only be used once per turn, and are not replaced again. Anyway, there are some interesting changes.
   For this game, we were just test running on what is a third of a table of what this is going to be played on, and will be a continuing game for four more games. It is a campaign battle where the previous players effect the outcome. This was a "Seek and Destroy" type mission and ended in a draw. With the Germans hiding in different points, I left the first closest ones empty without my wife knowing. I popped quite a few shots which took out quite a few infantry men until the tanks started rolling in. The Germans held up pretty well, firing and maneuvering, until Kalissa started dividing down the center. This forced an unplanned Pincer Move, that mostly failed. Also, my Stug III's seemed to be horrible marksmen with only a Sherman left to ruin. The night rules which was really during heavy rainfall worked well. It made a good balance and challenge on both sides.
   Anyway, these are the shots from our test game. Enjoy!
The board.

Right side.

Left side.

Markers for potential enemy hiding spots or points of tactical interest.

The Paratroopers advance in the rain.

A surprise mortar shot gives away position only to hit no one.

The Paratroopers cautiously move up to someone backyard.

A lucky mortar round takes out three Americans.

The cautious movement had good reason, but wrong point. The Germans ambush from the building past the yard.

The situation.

An M-10 Achilles arrives on the scene!

Sherman tanks move in for support.

A surprise Stug III attacks, but is disabled.

In the M-10 Achilles' sights!

A squad of Paratroopers flank around to get the enemy Paratroopers who flanked.

A Sherman tank takes a short cut.

The disabled Stug III takes out the Sherman.

A Bazooka finishes off the Stug.

Shifting locations.

American Airborne Marathon Run!

Another Stug III shows up trying to run over the enemy on the way.

HE hits and kills some Germans in the open.

Trying to scare the Americans. It is not working.

Armored fist.

Another bites the dust!

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