Monday, March 7, 2016

AAR: Samurai vs. Monks: Slice And Dice!

    After the first game of Ronin involving Robin Hood and Prince John using Ronin rules, my wife, Kalissa and I wanted to actually have a Ronin game. I have to be honest, I was excited about this, because I not only like Ronin as a rules set, but I like anything Samurai. I would love to have a Black Powder Samurai game, if not Pike and Shot one. Besides, this was one of our first Osprey Games purchases involving North Star Miniatures. We actually have all factions. We also have not played anything Ronin in a year.
    So Kalissa decided to use her Sohei Monks or Fundentmentially Peaceful Monks. I don't believe this for a second! This is why I chose my normal Samurai army. Kalissa told me about the upgrades that she gave me, even though, I am pretty sure that a chose some simmilar upgrades. There is no need to mention these upgrades without the knowledge of the rules.
    Anyway, I had a plan. It was pretty simple. I would rush the monks. It helped that we rolled for weather with a heavy mist. This ment close combat in which the Samurai a good at. Either way, my plan was to rush her, since the Monks have no morale test, unlike my troops, and I have better armor!
So I rushed the first unit killing him. The strike before hand killed one of mine. From there, I pushed to engage with other characters on the table. Out of craziness, my wife commited everyone into melee attackes. This was a questionable tactic, since I had great upgrades. Also, she was not rolling well at all. I rolled like a champ and destroyed her force 100%. I must say I have seen worse, but like normal, she had fun and enjoyed the craziness!
   Anyway, here are some pictures! Enjoy!

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